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Bully Prevention

Stop Bullying
Is It Bullying? 
   Everyone is Having Fun
    -  No one is Getting Hurt
    -  Everyone is participating equally
No one is having fun
- Two People with Equal Parts Have a Fight, Disagreement or Argument
- There is a Solution That Can Usually Be Agreed Upon By Both Parties
Mean Moment
- Someone is Mean on Purpose
- It is a Reaction To a Strong Emotion or Feeling (Mad, Hurt, Sad) 
- It Is An Isolated Incident
- It Does Not Happen Regularly
- Repeated, Unwanted, Aggressive Behavior Towards Someone
- Someone is Being Hurt On Purpose
- Can Be Social, Physical, Verbal or Cyber
For More Information About What You Can Do To Stop Bullying, Please Click On The Following Link To stop 
If You Feel That Your Child Is a Victim of Bullying At Our School Site, Please Fill Out The Bully Incident Report.  
Bullying Prevention (AB 2291)