McKinley Elementary PTA
Welcome to the McKinley Elementary Parent-Teacher Association.  We're excited to support our school with positive activities, educational support resources, and a sense of pride for McKinley students, parents, teachers, families, and the community.
McKinley PTA depends on partnerships with parents, grandparents, families, teachers, and community members to support McKinley's student success through community and school activities, fundraisers, and the enthusiasm to impact a child's education.
What is PTA
All About PTA
PTA is a parent-teacher association intended to facilitate parental participation in education.
Our McKinley Elementary PTA is a positive and fun group that creates memories for our students.  With your membership and involvement, our students will benefit academically and social-emotionally. You can be the person that makes a difference in our children's lives.  With your PTA membership, you are enrolled in the state and national PTA which makes you eligible for discounts from Legoland and more.  Information can be found here
Membership Cost
The annual membership fee is $6 per member.
How to Join
Join PTA through the online TOTEM Membership platform link (we also have forms in the office where you can pay cash):